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Are you in a quandary about whom you will choose to perform implant surgery? I was in the same position. Dr. Edmond Bedrossian, among others, was highly recommended to me. I chose Dr. Bedrossian and have not regretted it. On the contrary, if one must go through the implant procedure, I would recommend no one other than Dr. Bedrossian. Dr. Bedrossian is not only a highly skilled surgeon, he is congenial, caring, and has a marvelous sense of humor. Also, his staff is warm and caring and will see to your every need with kindness and patience.

I have had a myriad of problems with my gums, teeth, etc. and, as you can imagine, have had many painful experiences. Surprisingly, the implant procedure causes no major discomfort. I have four implants and they look and feel like natural teeth.

The contemplation of any surgery can frighten one; however, I can say without equivocation that one need not be afraid of the implant procedure. It is a far better alternative then bridges or dental plates.

In closing, if you choose to have implants, I would highly recommend the procedure and Dr. Bedrossian and his staff.

Very truly yours,
Maria A. I.

Thank you for your excellent work.  I am pain-free and have a beautiful smile! Most Sincerely,  Laurie D.

I have not stopped loving my implants.  The best gift that anyone could receive.  Thank you, thank you! I keep smiling!!  Maria B.

“As you know, the final prosthesis is now in place. This, is then, is to thank you, and all of your associates with whom I was in contact for the superb and professional implant dentistry which I received in your office. It all has been a gratifying, even almost happy experience!”  Roger A.                

“Thank you all very much for taking such great care of me and all of the patients we place in your care.” Melissa L. 

Thanks for taking such good care of me.  You comforted me and made a difficult situation easy.  I will always remember the care and the help that you provided to me.  I now find that I have a greater sense of empathy toward my patients.  So, thank you for everything.

Ed, you and your team are exceptional.  You showed good insight in having me rest after the procedure. The N2O2 knocked me out (I’m such a light weight) and all told I drove 3400+ miles that week.  I’m too young for this!!

Thanks again,  Dr. Gregg W.

I wanted to express my gratitude with my experience at Dr. Bedrossian’s office.  My experience with Dr. Bedrossian has been a wonderful combination of his surgical expertise, his office is full of the latest hi-tech gizmos, and best of all his kind eyes and caring attitude that is reassuring when one’s front teeth are being removed and replaced.        

THANK YOU DR.  Above all, it is the comfort of mind and trust that he creates that puts your mind at ease and lets you be comfortable and enjoy your new look.  Kudos to you and your staff, Dr. Bedrossian.

Sincerely,  Linda R.Z

Thank-you all, for everything you do.  From the waiting room, to the surgical room, to the recovery room; every step of the way, you were all personable, yet, like family.  Thank you. You’re wonderful!!   Ralph L.  

Thanks  for the great work that you performed on my teeth.  As mentioned in your office, I was due in Costa Rica to film sharks in late August. Thought you might find the enclosed photos interesting.

Thanks Again, Phil M.

Thank you for attending to Ronnie this last Sunday.  we regret that you had to take time away from your family.  Hopefully, this emergency won’t reoccur.  We appreciate your professional care and treatment.  He’s luck to have you as one of his doctors.  Sincerely,  C and C

“You have all been so kind to me, and it is much appreciated.”  Sue G.

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To the lucky individual who is considering an implant by Dr. Bedrossian.

At 10:00 a.m. today, Dr. Bedrossian began a procedure to insert an implant to replace my right eyetooth. I thought the procedure would be long and onerous.

I was sedated; when I became fully conscious of my surrounding it was 10:30 a.m. I mentioned to Dr. Bedrossian’s assistant how great I felt and she replied: “Guess what, he has finished the implant.”

I have had two previous surgeries with other doctors on the right eyetooth; afterward I felt totally “out of it.” I am writing this letter three hours after the surgery. I would have given up my eyetooth much earlier if I had known that Dr. Bedrossian existed.

If the above testimonial is not enough, look around Dr. Bedrossian’s office. He has a wire sculpture depicting an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon happily at work. This man loves his work; it is not a job but a calling.

Speaking of calling, feel free to call me at the above number if you need additional details.

Sincerely Supportive For Your Health,
Mark C. D.

“Thank you so very much for your kindness and your helpfulness and compassion.”                                        

Forever Grateful,

Mrs. Edith M.

“Just a note to thank you for my new implant! It truly was a smooth process. I’d also like to thank your staff for their assistance and support.”
Ana Marie C.

Awesome man!!!! He’s the best and knows his stuff! You want the best, this is the guy!

Felecia C.

I had a fantastic experience with this guy.  From the looks of things, I get the record with 12 years for wisdom teeth, though nothing was impacted.  The consultation was smooth and honest, with a fair account of what I was heading into. The actual surgery was painless, as I was in a happy place within seconds, only to wake up to “You’re all done, we’ve removed the 4 wisdom teeth that have been causing you fear and pain for the last decade.”  Recovery was smooth and easy, apart from the headaches for a few days.

If I’d known it was gonna be this easy I would have done it years ago.

Alex H.

“Thank you for all your hard work in helping with my implants. Thanks to your team of professionals as well, especially Ana.”
Adriane B.

“It’s people like you who make the world go round.”

I didn’t get the chance to thank you for performing my surgery.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you!!!  Angelica L.

I had one wisdom tooth extracted at Dr. Bedrossian’s office TODAY because the gum surrounding the tooth had repeatedly developed infections in the past.  The tooth was not impacted, so the procedure was not impacted, so the procedure was quick and easy and I did not get the “twilight sedation” (IV), just local anesthetic.  The procedure literally took about five minutes.  I was in and out of the office in half an hour, and they called later in the day to check up on me.  The staff is very courteous and explained in detail how to care for the socket post surgery.

No complaints from me. A very positive experience.

Scott K.

When I was told that my 20-year-old dental bridge in the front of my mouth was “failing”, and would only last maybe another three months, I consulted a local prosthodontist. His only recommendation was another bridge.

My brother, Dr. Richard C. who is a dentist in San Francisco said I should see Dr. Bedrossian, an oral surgeon in his building. He said, “this guy is fabulous. He does things no one else can do.”

Dr. Bedrossian read my x-rays and said “no problem”.That was one month ago. On June 1st, Dr. Bedrossian removed the front bridge and the two little side teeth it was attached to, and installed the screws in my gums to which the eventual new teeth will be attached. Meanwhile, I’m wearing a temporary flipper my brother made, which already looks far better than my old front teeth.

The day after surgery, my upper lip was swollen, but I was able to putter around in the garden and eat soft food. Today, 48 hours later, I’m considering power washing the front patio; or perhaps I’ll just call to my husband to bring me another chocolate shake. I’ve had no pain.

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My experience with Dr. Bedrossian has been a wonderful combination of his surgical expertise, his office full of the latest hi tech gizmos, and the best of all his kind eyes and caring attitude that are so reassuring when one’s front teeth are being removed and replaced.

In 3-6 months, my brother, Dr. C., will make my final front teeth to attach to the implanted screws. For little more money, Ill ends up with a better smile and with teeth that look and feel like the real thing.

If you are considering this procedure and would like to talk please call me.
Pat C.

“Just wanted to say thank you, you guys were all so nice when I had my surgery as I was so nervous.
Thanks again.”
Kay J.

“Thank you so much for the marvelous job you did with my 4 wisdom teeth! Truly appreciate it and the recovery wasn’t bad at all!”

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to get rid of those painful wisdom teeth. I really appreciated the care you gave me and in checking up on me. You went beyond your call of duty! You are an incredible surgeon and I am forever grateful.”


“I’d like to thank you for a wonderful service a well as your nurses and office staff. You were all great  and I know my wisdom teeth didn’t come out easy…. Thank you so much!”
Maria L.

Thank you for the new teeth and hanging in with me for the last three years!  Joan & Tim

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Dear Friends,

I would like to say Thank-You Dr. Bedrossian for giving me my life back. Now at 51 I feel like I can live again. Before, I was ready to give up. I had been ashamed to show my face riddled with pain and distortion, now I am not.

Your implant surgery is not just cosmetic surgery, for me, it was as necessary as a transplant organ. I believe people should be aware of this procedure through advertising, manufacturers, dental care specialists, print-ads, commercials, infomercials, sales, etc. It would be of great benefit to many people who have never even dreamed of the possibility of full dental restoration. I don’t consider this an experimental procedure, but a thoroughly well developed scientific treatment which can greatly benefit those in need of tooth replacement.

Dr. Bedrossian and his staff are kind, caring, and gentle. I’ve yet to meet someone as talented, dedicated and passionate about his work and patients as Dr. Bedrossian. He’s also smart, honest, funny, and modest too. I would/will recommend him to anyone who will listen because he’s excellent at what he does, which is rare in today’s world. Maybe he is from the world of tomorrow. Thank-You is small, but you are GREAT!


Carol B.

Wishing you all dreams become realty, pleasant memories, the company of those you love around you.  With appreciation for all the things you’ve done for me.

From worst patient… T. Doyle

Thank you again for the great dental /surgical work!  Sincerely,  Laurie

I had 3 wisdom teeth removed this weekend by Dr. Bedrossian without any issues.  Here’s how the visit went pretty much: Assistant hooked me up to IV sedation and heart monitor.

Dr: Bedrossian: “Jared, how are you feeling?”
Me: “Um….Sleepy….”
Cut to 30 minutes later. You have to, because I don’t know anything that happened in between.
Assistant:”Okay, Jared, follow us across the hall please.”
Me: “What? Huh? Okay.”
That was pretty much it. I was out. Had the ‘rents pick me up and make sure I didn’t do anything stupid  the rest of the day. I got to eat milkshakes all weekend. I mean, I don’t know what more I’d really be looking for in an oral surgeon.

Jared C.

It was because of all your fantastic efforts and enthusiasm that the experience of going through the procedure became so pleasant. You guys make us feel good.

Thank you all. Love, Linda   PS You Rock!

Almost exact same experience as Jared C.  I had no idea IV sedation means you fast forward in time and I felt no pain, heard no drilling and no metal clinging on your teeth.

Very modern, clean office with super friendly staff. I told Dr. B. to make sure I’m really OUT before he begins to work and the next minute, his asst is walking me to the waiting room. Just when I was wondering why I was waiting,…shouldn’t he be pulling my teeth right now? The asst showed me the teeth he pulled.

At 8:00pm the same day, Dr. B personally called to make sure I’m OK and to tell me I can call his emergency line over the weekend.   I definitely recommend his practice for wisdom teeth removal!!!!

Maggie T.

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I put off having my wisdom teeth out for over three years, until a dentist finally told me my head was going to split open and my teeth were going to spring forth like the goddess Athena if I didn’t get my dumb a… to an oral surgeon. Terrified, I somehow ended up with Dr. Bedrossian, who could not have been any more fantastic. I dragged my heels every step of the way, but he was patient, friendly, kind, skilled, knowledgeable,and excellent at gently explaining how things were going to go down. Plus, his office is totally plush and features all the latest technologies for ripping your face open. I especially liked the panoramic digital X-Ray. Very futuristic and pain free. He gave me some excellent drugs, and made short work of the offending teeth. The whole ordeal took about fifteen minutes. Totally worth the four years of fear that preceded it. I’m told he also does some excellent cosmetic work, too.

Megan W.

Another one for Dr. Bedrossian.  He blessedly put me in a twilight sleep for my wisdom teeth  removal (all four at once, OUCH!) and gave me great drugs for post-op pain.  Amazingly, I only needed the  vicodin for about 18 hours afterwards.  He even called me at home on Saturday to check up on me.  Who DOES that anymore???

Fatemah K.    

Just had two teeth pulled, a bone graft and two implant posts installed.  I’m a complete dentalphobe and scared to death of pain.  Now it’s no picnic having this type of work done in one’s mouth but Dr. B and staff made this as painless as possible.  I did have an issue post op (a post covering was loosened) and Dr. B waited in the evening at this office until I was able to drive in to the city to have it tightened because I was going out of state the next day.  The staff is lovely and Dr. B gentle and  great technician.  He is calming and positive and the best if you are nervous or frightened.

Jenni H.