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While it’s never ideal to be having oral surgery, Dr Gurries and the entire team at the clinic provided a just really exceptional level of service, in literally every phase of the whole thing - from all the back-and-forth with insurance, to the surgery and recuperation process itself, literally everyone at the clinic just surprised us over and over again with how easy they made it all…and all the legwork they did to make it that way for us. So, while I’d never hope to need oral surgery again, I would be very glad to come back here haha

James B.

The folks here at Bedrossian and Gurries are literally the kindest people ever! I saw Dr. Gurries to get my wisdom teeth removed. They kindly guided me through everything, with my insurance, it ended up being about 1/3 the price of the other dentist I saw for the same treatment, and they took the time to make sure I was taken care of. They had me in a comfortable resting room after my surgery to relax and then walked me down to the front to get to my ride. It felt so luxurious and kind, I would definitely recommend!!

Aariel N.

This has been the easiest journey that I ever would have expected...and all for my life transforming smile...what a joy!  Thank you again to Dr. Bedrosian and Dr. Gurries, and your teams, for your excellent treatment!  Truly appreciated.

Jill R.

Dr Bedrossian performed a near miracle. He was able to place implants in a nearly impossible situation. He is part of the team that made me feel whole again. I can even bite into apples. Thank you

MaryLou L.

Dr Gurries is an excellent surgeon. I needed both emergency and non-emergency tooth removal and he and his staff were amazing. Special shout-out to Gracie for being so empathetic, diligent, and on top of patient follow up care. Can’t say enough good things.

Brian M.

Dr. Gurries was the dental surgeon who removed my daughter’s wisdom teeth last year, and just today did her dental implants. The office is cheery & spotless and the ladies at the front extremely patient, kind and informative. Both ladies took the time to breakdown the very complicated insurance process which was much appreciated.

Thanks as well to the rest of the staff for being so wonderful. To Dr. Gurries, thank you for doing an awesome job with my kid and for taking the time to explain it all. Much appreciated! Your services, staff and skills rock!

Michelle H.

I went to Dr.Bedrosian to have implants installed. Dr. Bedrosian offers IV sedation, so I felt no pain or anxiety. Dr. Bedrosian is reasonably priced compared and more importantly he does really good work. I can highly recommend him.

MaryLou L.

The team was friendly, informative and efficient. I was feeling anxious for the wisdom tooth extraction (we did all 4) but the team made sure I felt comfortable and made sure I didn’t see any needles or tools. I was in and out of the surgery within an hour and feeling great! Thank you!

Maddie S.

I had a tooth that was cracked and the nerve was making breathing such a painful experience but Dr.Gurries and his team took great care of me and I left feeling so much better. I have horrible anxiety when it comes to dentists but he made the experience quick and pain free and as much as I’d like to go back I hope I don’t have any other oral issues. Thank you again

Ophelia W.

Admin is incredibly organized & friendly. I walked in and they were immediately ready for me, offered me water, and gave me my receipts in an envelope. Dr. Gurries is a fantastic surgeon and will explain everything to you comprehensively. He also extracted my wisdom teeth super fast and with high efficiency, and he personally called me the evening of the same day to ask how I was doing and answered all my questions. Overall amazing experience, and I highly recommend!!

Amelia S.

Dr. Bedrossian was straight talking and gave me a comprehensive evaluation of what implants I need, as well as how I should approach getting the work done. I appreciated his expertise and demeanor. He put me completely at ease.


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