Colleague Testimonials

“He is considered “the” International authority in the use of the zygomaticus implant, having authored the definitive textbook on the technique”. (Colleague)

“He provides solutions to patients where others would have turned them away.  His ability to reconstruct a face, a mouth, a smile,etc. is amazing!  The results he is able to achieve time and time again are a true testament to his incredible skills as a surgeon, but also as a mentor.” (Colleague)

“Being able to teach effectively at both the graduate and undergraduate level, with the credibility of an ongoing very successful practice is both a powerful and exceptional attribute.” ( Colleague)

“In the area of patient care, dr. Bedrossian and I have shared the care of several patients. While I have several oral surgeons on my team that are extremely skilled in the care of the more complex reconstruction patient, several patients have elected to proceed with their care with Edmond when I offered his name as an option for their surgery, flying out to San Francisco from New York for his expertise.  They were impressed not only by his skills and confidence, but his down -to -earth attitude and compassion for their situation.” (Colleague)

“His knowledge of Oral Surgery” and Implantology is exceptional and puts him squarely at the top of his discipline.  (Colleague)

“He has been a valuable contributor to the field of dental reconstruction with implants and has become known by opinion leaders throughout the world for his contributions to the treatment of the edentulous maxilla.  This is especially significant as this location is one of the most misunderstood and difficult  areas of the oral cavity to treat.” (Colleague)

“He is an internationally recognized authority in the field of osseointegration and dental implant surgery.” ( Colleague)

“It is of note that Ed was one of a select few to be mentored by the late Professor P-I Branemark and I truly feel he is continuing PI’s tradition of patient care and well documented scientific research”. (Colleague)

“He has an abundant amount of peer-reviewed articles from his time as an oral surgery resident until now.  His retrospective studies have launched many other scholarship projects and (he) deserves great credit for his work in All in Four Concepts, Zygoma, Immediate loading, and Protocols for Implant Treatment planning.  He has authored a book, several collaborative articles in his area of expertise and (has been) invited to many national and international panels of experts”. ( Faculty)