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Dr. Bedrossian has trained with Professor PI Branemark in the rehabilitation of patients who have lost one or more parts of their facial structures.  Accidents or certain tumors can cause the loss of facial structures; such as an eye, a nose, even as much as one half of one’s face.  This type of defects not only cause significant social problems for the patient, but also results in severe psychological problems; such as depression which can lead to the patient’s total seclusion from their friends and family.

The persistence and determination to treat and reintroduce this group of patients back int

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o the mainstream of society; Professor Branemark has been using implants to establish the foundation onto which prosthetic eyes, noses and other missing facial parts could be attached securely, giving patients the confidence to return to their daily routine.

Dr. Bedrossian has been involved with the perpetual studying and learning of the techniques pioneered by Professor Brånemark. Dr. Bedrossian is also involved in an International study to further educate and mentor other surgeons in the understanding of the various treatment planning and surgical protocols in caring for these patients.Dr. Bedrossian hosted the unprecedented International meeting in Gothenburg Sweden on June 29th, 2007 where Professor Brånemark and other colleagues presented the past 25 year experience and outcome of treating  patients with maxillofacial defect. The Past, the Present and the Future were the theme of the meeting.

Dr. Bedrossian is also active in philanthropic efforts for Fund Raising which directly and fully underwrites the costs involved in treating these patients at the PI Branemark Institute Baru, Brazil   as well as other international centers.

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