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digilogtm treatment concept

Dr. Bedrossian and Dr. Gurries embrace the DIGILOGTM treatment concept to better treat their patients at the San Francisco Center for Osseointegration.

The use of digital technology allows for more comprehensive evaluation of patients using the latest Radiographic and Intraoral Scanners as well as Virtual Planning softwareDIGILOGTM, which combines digital and analogue work flows, allows the doctors to communicate with the implant team and their patients in a more effective way. San Francisco Center for Osseointegration also offers the latest techniques for the placement of dental implants using the digital Work Flow and Guided surgery.

At the San Francisco Center for Osseointegration, we are proud to explain and show our treatment planning techniques with our patients.  During the consultation appointment, digital technology and various analogue models are presented to the patient so they can better appreciate the final treatment plan presented to them.

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