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“His presence enables Highland residents to receive the best implant training of any program in the country”. (Resident)

“Dr. Bedrossian has demonstrated a high level of engagement in all aspects of surgical care of patients.  Students, faculty peers, and national evaluators have stated this as one of his greatest strengths.”

“Dr. Bedrossian’s participation in school, state and national organizations brings prestige to the University”.

“His knowledge of Oral Surgery and Implantology is exceptional and puts him squarely at the top of his discilpline”. (Faculty)

“In my experiences, Dr. Bedrossian takes responsibility from the pre-surgical to the post-surgical aspects of every patient.  He ensures that all biological and prosthetic factors are accounted for before taking on a case.  During a case presentation which he adamantly rejected, he showed exactly why the patient  was not a good candidate for implants, specifically noting the large soft tissue defect that we would be unable to take care of. In this respect, his ” coverage”  of care extends to the moment that the patient has placed the implant crown in his mouth.  he does not simply “leave” it to the restorative dentist to address problems that he knows will occur.  Additionally, he renders excellent care of the patient, ensuring that they are comfortable before they leave the chair (after surgery) and also by ensuring they are still as such during the post-operative checks.” (Student)

“He provides solutions to patients where others would have turned them away.  His ability to reconstruct a face, a mouth, a smile,etc. is amazing!  The results he is able to achieve time and time again are a true testament to his incredible skills as a surgeon, but also as a mentor.” (Colleague)

“He is a gifted oral surgeon, recognized by his colleagues as a leader in the dental implant area.  He has decades of clinical practice and has built and maintained a reputation internationally as one of the premier oral surgeons with expertise in implants.” (Chair)

“He manages all phases of patient care surgically.  Especially troubleshooting of any complications.  he is committed to a successful outcome and evaluation value.” ( Faculty)

“I have experienced Dr. Bedrossian’s teaching style in both his implant selective and the implant presentation seminars.  In his selective, Dr. Bedrossian broke down concepts in a way that was easy to understand and facilitated the development of a foundational  knowledge in implant dentistry. In the case presentation seminars, Dr. Bedrossian is eager to help students form effective treatment plans for their clinical cases. In these seminars, Dr. Bedrossian thoroughly answered my questions and explained key concepts to me in order to improve my understanding of the case and the treatment plan and to facilitate success.” (Student)

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Bedrossian on 2 implant cases as well as attend his selective and he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of implants as well as the restorative component as well. During 3 of my implant presentations, for which one was rejected, he did not simply tell me that the case should or should not be accepted, but explained exactly why his experiences and other students’ experiences backed up his answers.” (Student)

” Excellent command of material, challenges residents to think outside the box, well respected by residents and peers.”     (Faculty)

“I think that Dr. Bedrossian is a true “Pacifican”. I have had the opportunity to work with many faculty on both the Stockton campus as well as Dugoni’s and he is definitely one who displays a respect for the humanistic model towards patients and students. He never talks down to the patient or the student, and h has a big smile and displays genuine concern and care for them as well”. ( Student)

“He teaches completely and measures his effectiveness.  Our residents come away with a superior knowledge of implants because of him:. ( Chair)

“Dr. Bedrossian is a competent teacher and advisor in every respect.  he is committed to his students and dedicated to continuing his pursuit of excellence in teaching.  His contributions to the curriculum are impressive and his mentoring of students is superior.”

“In my experience with Dr. Bedrossian, he has been responsible for overseeing the case and ensuring that the surgical treatment outcomes are optimal and the best care possible is rendered to every patient he sees.  If he is not performing the surgery himself, he is carefully overseeing the resident performing the surgery to ensure that the highest level of care is provided to our patients,” (Student)

“Dr. Bedrossian is a great oral surgeon and demonstrates a strong, complete comprehension about dental implants and restorative prosthesis.  Dr. Bedrossian has helped me understand full mouth prosthesis, restorative options such as PFM bridges, FICD and overdentures.  Dr. Bedrossian displays excellent patient communication and demonstrates kind, yet clear explanations to the patient regarding the procedure and prosthesis.  I understand Dr. Bedrossian is very busy on Monday afternoons during his short time at UOP, which creates a demanding, limited schedule to spend ample time with patients and students”. ( Student)

Complex and challenging cases are routinely brought to the Highland program and Dr. Bedrossian helps bring educational value to the oral surgery residents.  His knowledge and skills as a clinician make him a leader in  his field.” (Faculty)

“If I were to ask a 3rd year if they felt competent in the field of implants, I know that those who took Dr. Bedrossian’s selective of implants would be much more comfortable.  While we were being taught the same material by another professor, he explained things such that I, along with many other students, was able to understand the material clearly.  In essence, he ensured that we had a solid foundation in the basics before getting into more complicated technical detail.  After taking his selective, I felt more comfortable talking to patients, other students and dealing with implant protocols.” ( Student)

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