Rehabilitation Concepts for Edentulous Patients

Brochure content: Rehabilitation concepts for edentulous patients                    Pre-Treatment Guidelines and Considerations for an Improved Quality of Life

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Introduction Comprehensive range of treatment solutions from the pioneer of osseointegration
The edentulous patient – social and functional implications
Planning Pre-treatment guidelines and considerations:
– Oral examination of the patient
– Bone resorption pattern

– Treatment in the maxilla requires evaluation of available alveolar bone
– Grafting and delayed loading
– Transition line
– Considerations for the placement of 4 versus 6 implants

– Treatment of the edentulous mandible
3D treatment planning with NobelClinician™
Guided surgery with NobelGuide®
Loading of implants
Immediate Function Clinical guideline – Immediate Function with TiUnite® implants

Clinical cases Mild/moderate bone resorption:
– Immediate loading for full-arch rehabilitation using NobelClinician™
– Failing dentition in both arches

Moderate bone resorption:
– All-on-4® concept with NobelGuide® in maxilla and flap approach in mandible

Moderate/severe bone resorption:
– A predictable restorative outcome as a result of a pre-treatment evaluation
method using NobelClinician™